Saturday, September 1, 2007

Willie Whats?

So, with the 3D scarf.., I finally ended up running out of yarn. Here are somewhat clearer pictures. I guess I should weave in the ends.. but NAH... I'll wait

The scarf w/ the strange fringe...

The Flowers - just have another 10 to go.. once I get the yarn! It's been ordered. I'm NOT a patient person... NOT a bit... If I like/want, I'd like that right now, if you please..

I cast on for the Log Cabin socks, because.. well I'm not a patient person... BUT, I also do not start more than one project at a time normally.. I may get bored and/or decide I don' t like how something is coming along, and set aside.. That' s perfectly allowable :)

I'm making these for Mr. TLC.. In all the years that i've been knitting (If memory recalls, I beleive Kim taught me a whopping 3 yrs ago!!!) I've never made anything for him... Of course, when I did show him the pretty alpaca yarn that I picked out for this project
Me: "Honey, Look at this.. Isn't it nice? I"m going to knit you something"
Mr TLC: "A willie-warmer, right?"..
Me: "Sure, Honey, and I'll make a matching one for me too, OK?" (while inwardly thinking, WTF?!)
OK.. WHY...? WHY..? WHAT is the big attraction to THAT?.. Let's see what would you call it? a scong? or a tharf? thock?
So as I mentioned earlier, I take out my knitting while watching J&M at football practice.. "why?" b/c apparently a parent has to be on-site in the event your child gets pummelled... No idea why... if such incident were to occur, it's not like I can ride in the ambulance or anything!!! I'd still have to follow behind.. Don't get me wrong.. I love my kids... i don't want them hurt. Of course, football=injuries of some kind...and thankfully, mine are on the bigger side, but not beefy. Seriously, I don't need to watch them run laps, sit-ups, do a eleventyhundred up-downs til they vomit ( which hey- it's at the field, I don't have to clean it up - kudos!), etc.. But I don't see why can't they just call my cell when/if that happens.. ?so I can get other stuff done too... Like, OH, I don' t know... cooking, laundry, plunging toilets, or pretending to do all those things, order take out, and knit in peace, where I don't have to put it down mid-row!!!
Have a great weekend!


kim said...

This is where cloning would come in handy. I don't think I would have survived as a mom. You know, dogs is what I can handle. I consider myself lucky that, unlike Britney Spears, I recognized that at a young age (nine).

I love that scarf! The sock looks awesome too, and, well, depending.... M could always use it as a willie warmer anyway!

MadMad said...

I was just talking to someone about that - about having to sit at the sidelines and watch your kids do stuff when you could be home doing other stuff on the off chance something might happen to them that you wouldn't be able to fix/do anything about anyway. It stinks. The scarf is coming out great, though - hope the yarn gets there soon!

a friend to knit with said...

Beautiful scarf! those flowers are so sweet........
log cabins are one of my favorites!
oh so ANNOYING that you have to be there for football practice....i'll remember never to sign my kids up! :)