Saturday, June 28, 2008


Order of events
5pm - girls (5 of them) arrive for sleepover b-day party
5:30 - pizza
6:00 - leave for movies (WALL-E)
8:30 - cake
8:34 - swimming
10:00pm - setup up family room as bunkhouse
1:30 AM!!!!! - turn off TV, and tell the girls no more SCREAMING, RUNNING, and HIDE/SEEK.

6:30 - (they're all still sleeping)
7:00 - put out everything for b-fast and clean up some paper plates/cups from them eating AGAIN after 1:30AM!... you find wet socks in the downstairs bathroom and the backdoor UNLOCKED! where I, myself locked every door in this house early evening.. and double checked at 1:30AM!
and what do I find when I open the garbage can? WHAT DO I SEE?
OMG!!OMG!!!!!!??? They threw out one of my skeins of yarn!!!! IT was a tangled MESS! but.. COME ON!. The one of two that I JUST bought this past week to knit up some fingerless mitts for my nephew that HE requested...
OK.. - and first off...WHO UNLOCKED THE BACKDOOR? AFTER 1:30 AM???? and they were sneaky b/c I never really slept last night and didn't hear anything.. and believe you me! I was listening w/my eyes!... TOO many 'what-if's' to contemplate.
so now - ALL the other what-if's - what if I never opened the trash bin and never saw it lying in a heap. THANK GOD, there was no melted cake or anything nasty near it!... what if I never found it and was about to start the project, and where the heck is the second skein? it was right here in my knitting basket!... and WHY were y'all even NEAR my knitting basket.. do I need to make a sign? "STEP AWAY from the BASKET"

I'm so upset..I just want them to stay sleeping til 10am, and here take your breakfast to go...for the ride home... C and I will be having a long talk today... a REALLY long one...

8:05 - (they're all still sleeping) - i need another cup of coffee..

May your weekend be filled w/obedient children who don't toss part of your stash!

PS. I've gotten about 7" of the lower bodice done on the F&F cardi... :).. I ran out of yarn! but Kimmy is a gem, and picked some up for me!.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Salad? who the hell wants that?

me: "Hi, my name is Tracy and I'm a fatty...
crowd: "Hi Tracy!"

So.. my co-workers convinced me (um yeah.. they dragged my fat ass) last week to WW. I reluctantly signed up. .b/c let's face it.. we've tried everything else, including this too..I've been there SOOO many times in SOOOO many different towns. WHY? because when you're a fatty, you don't want the townfolk to KNOW you know you're a fatty. Sounds logical, right?

Anyhow...At this week's meeting they're all discussing that weightloss is a journey..
blah blah blah.. it was a good discussion.. somewhat...
During this, some of the 'ladies' are discussing on what they order at diners, restaurants, etc.. w/regard to salads.. I listen. (annoyed)
Why? I really don't care for salads.. I like the veggies that go into a salad.. but mix it all up, and ' thanks, I'll pass..." and NO, my food CAN touch on my plate.. I just don't like salads so much..
AND Hello???....
if I really LIKED salads I wouldn't be here in the FIRST PLACE!"

Double Digits

My baby hit the double digits yesterday! My the years.. has flown by... and this is what she's been doing for the last 5 yrs...every spring and now every week (sometimes 2x or more) from April now until end of July. I'm going to have permanent bleacher butt!

F&F Cardigan Update.. Following along (b/c I'm a follower - ok, well, sometimes I am) from Leslie, I've done the math...lower bodice is approx 90 rows... each row takes me 10 min = 15 hrs of knitting.. course.. that's UNINTERRUPTED knitting.. (putting my ProjectMgr hat on and add 40%) which now that'll equate to more like 21 hrs...So... I might have it done by late July.. if I don't get bored(that 40%!) ...which I will probably sneak a Shedir in there or some socks...

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I finished the Lace Ridged Cowl.. The yarn is divine...Very soft... Very pretty... Very fuzzy. Gets in the eyes, and other facial orifices... But worth it.. 

 I had every intention of starting the F&F cardi back up.. took it out of the bag... realized.. OMG... this is work.. to figure out where I'm at.. I need to wait til I'm home alone.. w/no distractions... so I can count.. and get back on some needles.. etc...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Feelin' SAUCY

Completed the saucy socks...

I need some instant gratification.. and here it is!...The Lace Ridged Cowl... I'm using Sublime Angora Merino #41 as suggested by LYS Judy!. Absolutely Luscious!

And then I'll go back to F&F cardigan. Have a good week all!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

and with each year.. they get better and better.

So, Monday was my birthday. I turned 42! So...For the last 15 yrs. I've been married to this guy

who left my present on the counter b/c he had to leave for work.
Within that wrapped packages was this

For those of you who don't know.... THAT, my friends is a spanning wrench... and yes.. it's pretty heavy!

I haven't seen him since Monday night since he works nights and I've been and shall be at the softball fields all week.
Therefore, look for my name, picture and my last seen whereabouts, Thursday night on
Dateline NBC. You'll find hubby probably lying on the floor w/ the wrench nearby along with another gift given some5 yrs ago to me for Xmas, a book called 'How to become a Domestic Goddess' crammed in an [yet to be determined] orifice. No worries he'll still be breathing...