Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Day.. another couple hundred dollars

So... I have not posted in a while only b/c I've focused.. Trying really hard to get this sweater done.. I've made some good progress.. I think Hubby, tho, is viewing me as one of those lil ole knittin ladies.. b/c every spare moment, I'm up in the bedroom, working on it...

I've found that I can't do so in my family room, as my kids view that room as more of a Jungle... and I find my knitting usually on the floor in a heap. Which makes me go a lil postal...
Hence, the title.. Hubby is currently on his way to KloterFarms in Ellington to see about replacing the door to one of these.. or at the very least inquire about replacing it entirely.. I'm not happy... My twins got into a scuff about helping me unload the groceries from my car... and the next thing I know, the door to this was just hanging... yet another item to add to the list of broken, bent or destroyed all together.. Don't get me wrong.. I LOVE my boys.. but I grew up in a house with just my mom, sis and I... We didn't bust up things.. maybe an occasional doorknob going thru sheetrock b/c the door stopper wasn't in place.. but no real damage... just alot of slamming doors in my youth... We just recently fixed a 2'x3' (that's FEET folks) HOLE in between two windows where the initial story was "Mom, I slipped and fell backwards into the wall" where now the REAL story came out.. that his brother threw him into the wall... UGh... So... all those Moms' out there with their well-behaved 12yr old boys... i ask... "What is the secret? PLEASE... please... please tell me what the secret is.."

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Spa Day

So yesterday, after work, I had an appt.. you know.. a little maintenance appt at the spa in town...
I took C with me, well... b/c I can't leave her alone w/the twins. They might eat her...They are 12 and folks, can anyone recommend one of those meat/freezer plans...?
Anyhow, back to the story... so, last month she decided that she was annoyed (her words) of certain kids telling her she had an 'unibrow'.. Folks, she does NOT... she has a couple of stray hairs...and they're so light blonde.. Heck, I had to practically get a spot light (soon to be used on my next trip to Shmollister- by the way) on her to see them.. Anyhow, there we were in the parking lot of the establishment.. and I mentioned how she would go first and then she asked "Can I stay in the room, after I'm done?"..I said 'No.'.. C asks "how come?"...and I said " Well, b/c I'm having more than just my eyebrows done".. and she asks again.. 'like what?" and I say " umm... it's called a bikini wax".. and she is very inquisitive.." what's that?"... and i explain very HIGH level here, folks..... Then her eyes got as wide as Big-Y coins and says...'You let her look down there!???"... I laughed and choked so hard.. heck.. I'm still laughing...Have a good week all!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Soo.. a bloggy friend sent me a quick note.. "How come I haven't posted lately?"....and I responded well.."I'm in a mood" and my response is below... which she simply stated.. 'well, that's a post'.. and that my friends is why I like her.. ! :)

My typical weekday.. I get up at 3:40am.. to get to gym by 4am.. (noone would ever consider me going to a gym - I'm, ahem, rather bodacious - yes- well there's a nice way of putting "that b!tch is packin pounds, man!").. Hell, I'm trying.. right?..
so then I come home, shower and off to work from 6:30am - 3pm.. drive home, help w/homework... ad-hoc laundry (like somebody's gym uniform,etc. ) cook dinner, then if it's
T-W-R, I have to go to either the twins' or C's basketball game at some point between 5:15 and 8pm......
then yell some more at kids to hurry up in the shower for the next person, and to please RINSE the soap OFF when in the shower, or your hair will be nasty!
.. then they'll tell me they need something for school the next day.. you know.. like 1.5 yrds of cotton fabric, 1 yrd of 1" elastic and mercerized cotton thread, so that I then can trudge off to Walmart at 8:30pm..(b/c I can't get across 2 towns to Joann Fabrics by 9pm!) dragging a 9yr old w/wet hair complaining she didn't get dessert !!!
I, apparently, am the worst Mom ever!
So.. hopefully.. as I close myself in to my bedroom (what my sons' call the 'womens sanctuary'), light my candles (kim - stop giggling) I hope to finish the Cobblestone for hubby. (got the body and one sleeve done!)

Friday, January 4, 2008

A new year

I made another pair before this.. for a xmas gift.. and wrapped it up and sent it off before taking a picture... Apparently, I was feeling a little rushed.. Anyhow, I modified pattern slightly... no picot edge (curled WAY too much).. and made the body a few (like 3) rows deeper... thus the need for a 2nd skein.. which I then trudged back to LYS to get.. and bought 2 more.. b/c well, I can't have TOO much left over ;)
Another Tudora knocked off.

Close up of button, brought to you by Kim :)