Tuesday, July 31, 2007

flower scarf and 4 days til vacation!

The scarf is coming along.. this yarn is pretty.. but sheds... so much so.. gets in the eyes at times... not sure how.. b/c I knit in my lap.. maybe I move spastically and not realize it!!!

Anyhow.. here's a pic...it's kinda fuzzy tho.. I'll get better pics.

Friday, July 27, 2007

7 days til VACATION!

Now that the Hal's sweater (Trellis) is complete, he needs to have a matching hat, of course.. I've started the first few rounds of the Twisted Lattice Cable Hat by D-made.. Kim suggested it, and I have to mention, they compliment eachother so well!.. as if they were made as a set.. I'm so jazzed!
Anyhow.. I plan on having the hat completed by the end of the weekend... I am SOO looking forward to a week long vacation at our cottage in NH on Lake Winnisquam... no phonecalls from work at 3am! no computer! no TV!(yes, there's running water and electricity)..I'm NOT the camper type... I do like my blowdryer! :) I LOVE going there.. It's as if time stops.. I have no idea what's going in the world for 7 glorious days... and I can decompress. The only concern is finding the marshmallows for smores...
Anyhow this is the project I plan on taking with me.. Well.. the knitting side of things... I'll be creating this gem in Plymouth's Outback Mohair #865.. When i saw this I just HAD to try...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hal's cardigan

YAY!.. I'm done.... well almost.. I just need to block and sew the buttons on.. but I did it.. :) I finally finished it...This is for my friend's baby boy named Hal.. I don't ask questions on baby naming... I can't picture a 'baby' named that.. a grown man, yes... Ah well...just accept and move on... I had a lag where I just didn't FEEL like knitting.. no idea where THAT came from... but the result I love so on to the next thing... a hat to go with it :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Trellis update

Finished w/ the collar, and attached to back and 2 fronts... attached one sleeve... I'm in the home stretch :) ... Need to go button shopping!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007


Well, here it is the 23 of July... This summer is FLYING... J&M start football clinic today...This is their first year... I'm not a typical worrisome mom.. I like my kids to be active but in a sensible way. Give them the tools (helmet, pads, and cleats), go w/the flow and secretly hope my day doesn't end in the ER...

Knitting update - I'm working on the collar!!! WooHOO.... Almost there...

Monday, July 2, 2007

Takin a break...

Well.. I don't know what it is... but I just couldn't stay focused w/the Monkeys... so, I started a baby sweater for friend Mike's baby.. I decided on Knitty's Trellis...I had a hard time deciding on what yarn to use.... I know that wool would probably have looked the nicest.. ... BUT.. I'm a mom too... I just can't bring myself to making a baby item, that can and will be spewed upon at some point, only to have the lil' ones mother having to 'handwash' said item.... I just can't... As much as I would and have appreciated receiving such an item (and I did when mine were that little). They didn't stay in those items for long b/c of the amount of laundering work it would entail...Kimmy was kind enough to lend me her ballwinder(I need to get my own)... Now.. if I could only find the label of the yarn.. that I AM using... :)