Wednesday, June 24, 2009

feelin loopy

The Loopy Lace Scarf

Pattern called for sz4 needles and Frog Tree Alpaca Melange.I started and got about 3inches into the start.. and it was resulting in such a tight fabric. So, I frogged and upped the needle size to sz6s... and started again.. STILL to tight.. not lacey nor loopy...
Lastly, I upped to sz8s for the honeycomb pattern throughout the scarf.. HOWEVER, for the keyholes (yes, there are TWO of them)... I used sz4 needles, so that it tightened up and had clean neat lines... I think I'll lightly block it...but I'll leave it up to LYS Judy to decide...

Have a good week all!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

I know I know.. it's been like FOR-EVAH...I've been teaching a Domino class at the LYS. This is a first for me... As Kimmy politely said, 'Just don't yell at them'... LOL!
My next post I hope to have pics of each students project!
I have been busy completing some FO whilst watching this lil lady...

Berrocco Comfort Chunky - 5 skeins
Sz 11 needle

The #13 Dropped Stitch Scarf from VK ( just waiting to be blocked)
GGH Cadiz -5 skeins
Sz 5 needle

Classic Elite Inca Alpaca - 4 skeins
Sz 9 needle

Have a good week all!