Wednesday, February 17, 2010


All these long 6 yrs.. of my knitting experience.. Once thing has stayed constant... ONE COLOR. I've never used more than one color in ANYthing...and yes... it was because I'm a big fat chicken. Kim has been doing her mitts like all get out and I would gawk in awe..All the talk about dominant yarn and hold it in the correct hand, and trapping, etc. etc.. so I stayed the hell away from that blooming chaos... til last Friday.. I decided that I WAS GOING TO DO TWO COLORS, and no stripes.. but good ole stranded knitting.. So, I used yarn I had in my stash and sat down w/a couple of great knitting friend's home for the opening ceremony of Olympics 2010... Course, I never GOT A CHANCE to cast-on b/c my current project was using the needles I needed for the cast on!... so I quickly finished another RoseRed, in a beautiful IceBlue... (matches my ski jacket - and no I don't ski - so I guess I should start referring to it as my puffy coat)...
Yarn is Sublime Angora Merino 2 skeins
Needles are sz4 and sz6
Mods - after the last cable twist, I k2, p2tog p1. then did a 2x2 rib for an inch... this made for a grippier band.

Anyhow, I cast-on a little later that night..
and behold... BEAUMONT!
Yarn is Berrocco Ultra Alpaca
Needles are sz4's and 7s

Course it looks ok from here.. but I SEE you lil mistakes..

So my Ravelympic project is complete.. I DID IT... I really thought this was going to take me the entire duration.. I am over my fear..I'm a little proud of myself. I tried to toot my own horn and explain to hubby that this is a new accomplishment for me... and he just cocked an eyebrow, and asked how I was coming along with his willywarmer...

Have a great week !

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Damned if I dont

I know its been months since my last post.. I have been busy with all things knitting.. just havent had much to say 'about' the knitting.. I've finished up the 'shawl of doom', which I plan on wearing this Saturday night to my first Fireman's Ball. Drifted Rubies in a beautiful deep red Alpaca, the Burberry Cowl was all in the blocking, as was Scrumptious Cowl.. in yummy Naturblassen (you must try this yarn!!!!). I saw Jared's Grove mittens and had to make a pair. Of course, they were gifted away, so I must make these again, for me! There's was a baby on the way for friends of ours and I had to try a baby sweater and the sweetest of all Baby Dresses... Plus a new hat for C.. which she loved so much her friend wanted one also.. and then finished off with a most beautiful yarn that Kimmy gifted me.. The yarn was perfect for this lovely shawlette... I had exactly 10inches left after cast-off... 'Phew...'..

I apologize for all the links.. I got a new laptop.. and well, the photos are only now visible in Ravelry.

Take care.