Wednesday, August 29, 2007

stop and smell the flowers

I'm on #6 out of 16 flowers that are to be stitched.. that sounds great, doesn't it!!!?? however, I'm running out of yarn!!! Drat, the luck...Tomorrow, I'll have to head out to LYS with Kim to get another skein...which is always a fun time!!! She can then shop for handles, for her beautiful doctor bag. It is coming out beautiful!.. Can't wait to see it assembled.

Got a question for anyone who's looking... Is it at all possible to 'felt' in a top loading HE washing machine...? It's not front I can open the top and check status... I can probably put something in there too to help with agitation like oh... 'a shoe or two, three, four' ? Any suggestions? I 've seen where you can felt manually,.. w/ a tub of really hot water and a plunger ( never used - :)... but I'd like to avoid that if possible.

Friday, August 24, 2007

3D flower scarf

It's been a rather long time since my last post.. I have been knitting and knitting along.. This is a REALLY long scarf... so I've been dragging it around with me to J&M's football practice every night... on one of my business trips... I work with a great bunch of folks.. but I'm in CT, and they are all in Rochester, NY.. so I see them maybe 1-2 times/year. One thing I should probably share is... I work in IT (Information Technology - aka GEEK)..Although I'm not a true 'geek'.. I fell into the IT arena... My degree is in 'graphic design'.. which I then attribute to being a creative thinker when troubleshooting problems during some crisis..Typically, most 'GEEKS' hobbies are not with 'natural fibers' but copper fiber (cable that is!!) So when I all of a sudden take out something like this, I got quite a few eyebrows raised in my direction and then get all the questions...

So, to break up the monotony of st st... 82 inches of st st..for me is BOOORRRRIIIINNNNGGGG... I also knit up one of the 16 flowers...

Yesterday, I finally got to the correct length, and have begun the fringe.. It's a bit odd-looking.. like little baby-fingers.. but after felting, I'm sure it'll look kinda cool :)...

Sorry for the blurry pics.. but the yarn is blurry too!.. well.. very lofty... (a nice way of stating.. "FOR THE LOVE of (insert Deity preference here)" - this yarn sheds SOO much... that I'm blind, congested, and no longer have an appetite. Hmmm. new diet! me thinks)