Friday, March 28, 2008

Movin on

OK.. so I'm past it... I got over the math... with Judy and Kim's help. I was over-thinking it.. Just follow the pattern.. just follow the my hubby will remind me, 'Stop questioning everything'...
Just in case you haven't caught that character trait..
Here's an example:
Twins come home from their 1st day of 1st grade, many years ago. They have one homework assignment... 'Cover the book'... My eyes go wide.. I start muttering( in my mind)... "OMG, how in hell are we going to read this entire book? Are the teachers nuts? WTF? This is totally unacceptable".. Hubby then comes home.. and I start on my second tangent - out loud... he makes me sit and calm down and (with hand motions) pantomimes covering the book...! I then turn seven shades of red/purple, throw a roll of brown craft paper at him and go and sit in my bedroom for an hour. It's not that I don't think... I just ALWAYS seem to think TOO much... Ugh....

Monday, March 24, 2008

I NOW hate math

the beginning... quite possibly the end..

Of Course, I got all A's in school and college even Statistics!.But worked my tail off to pull C's in English..hence my poor writing skills.. Sorry Madmad :) .

But, can I do the add/subtract basics w/regard to figuring out this pattern? Hell NO!. Something is wrong.. I can't figure out where the hell to add the next repeats in... UGH!...
I've ripped this out so many times... I'm getting where this isn't fun anymore....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Please stand up

Ok.. I couldn't find the camera!.. so I ended up taking my pic w/the iMac... I'm not used to new Mac thing, at all yet.. and I couldn't figure out how to you know... chop my head off... :) I've only had it a week...and have to fight off the kids to get on the dang thing...

Will the real Tracy please stand up!

So... yep.. this is me... and my new scarf.. which I can only wear around certain peeps, b/c I know my family (mom and sis) will eye and it'll disappear!... It was fun to knit..and the crocheted edging was a fun treat. I haven't crocheted in years?... um... decades?... um over a score? YIKES!... C likes making faces at the Mac... yeah.. we REALLY need softball to start soon! :o)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

ALLL in a day

Well, today I took C for her first knitting class at the LYS.. I know.. I know.. I probably could have taught her.. but to be honest, I don't think I knit the conventional way.. but my own lefty contemporary way.. not exactly American style.. and Val was so patient with C!!. where C now LOVES it!...Anyhow, she's a natural..! After 1 hour, she can cast on, she now knows, garter, stockinette, rev stockinette, and ribbing!!!! OMG.. I learned to knit almost 4 yrs ago, and I think it took me 6 months to get past garter st. Course, I have to spoil my kid, and give a set of bamboo needles and some Malabrigo !!! Me? I learned on plastic needles w/ some acrylic!..

Here's my start on the Morning Train scarf... and I'm off to run some errands in the torrential rain!!! Have a good week all!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I'm all alone today in my office, as the team that I share this office space is away at training for 3 days. All except for 1.. Anyhow, alone... some share...

#1 Good lord, she reuses TINFOIL! I think she washes it! well.. that's probably a good idea.
#2 She clips her nails on Thursdays...OMGosh... I'm going to be in this office tomorrow!.. and it's
it's Toenail Thursday!.. she should clip on Tuesdays... Toenail Tuesday sounds more jazzy AND I'm never in this office on
#3 has anyone ever eaten more than ONE Activia in a day? is that like the equivalent to Peach flavored Drano?
#4 -you can never scrape ALL of the mashed potatoes out of a Smart Ones dinner w/ a fork... think anybody would notice if I used my tongue? Course, I'll probably end up w/gravy dripped on my boobs.. but dammit I'm hungry.

March Madness

I have my own version...! The last few weeks (I think it's been weeks? hmm maybe longer - sure feels longer) have been freaky.. My entire family has been sick... in some form or another... C had strep, J had flu, and currently, both hubby and M are home, with the flu, now. (M's eyeballs hurt! OK? that's a new one)... All I want to do is stay at work.. and away from all that is germy... I've resorted to walking around the house in my robe, donning a can of Lysol in one pocket, and the other contains well, Lysol disenfecting wipes...combatting all that is potentially covered/filled/coated w/ germiness... I even swiped down my needles, in case someone may have walked by and the germs fell off and onto them.. let alone, good lord, what if they touched them??!! So.. I've been busy knitting up a pair of Merry Jane booties.. awaiting the arrival of Classic Elites new spring book and Soft Linen to arrive at LYS so I can get started on the Fan and Feather Cardigan... the waiting is KILLING me.. I'm not a patient person...I expect split second decisions and actions! With that.. I'm going for a walk.. around my building a couple of times..