Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I'm all alone today in my office, as the team that I share this office space is away at training for 3 days. All except for 1.. Anyhow, alone... some share...

#1 Good lord, she reuses TINFOIL! I think she washes it! well.. that's probably a good idea.
#2 She clips her nails on Thursdays...OMGosh... I'm going to be in this office tomorrow!.. and it's
it's Toenail Thursday!.. she should clip on Tuesdays... Toenail Tuesday sounds more jazzy AND I'm never in this office on
#3 has anyone ever eaten more than ONE Activia in a day? is that like the equivalent to Peach flavored Drano?
#4 -you can never scrape ALL of the mashed potatoes out of a Smart Ones dinner w/ a fork... think anybody would notice if I used my tongue? Course, I'll probably end up w/gravy dripped on my boobs.. but dammit I'm hungry.


kim said...

First, I'm not sure who has it worse - me who's IN the class or you has to pick up the pieces while we're away... But I do know that you forgot to mention "dirty crack" and THAT is bad. Just bad!

Two Activias in one day? You are just asking for trouble!

kim said...

Is your coworker's name Agnes? Because she definitely had her own Toenail Thursday.

MadMad said...

Um.... she clips AT THE OFFICE?!! See, this is why I don't get a real job. That would just be too challenging for me!!!

Hope everyone's better...

WA said...

Toenail does have a nice ring to it. Hopefully she doesn't also perform Bikini Wax Wednesday in the office.

And the mashed potato thing is hilarious. Because it's true.