Sunday, February 22, 2009

Heroine update....I ripped out the sleeves 4 times.. til I was able to get them to fit in where the sleeve 'should' go.. let's just say THEY FIT...... spent the afternoon sewing it all together.. but its going to get felted.. and I'm going to felt living crap out of it.. so as to cover as many mistakes (if any - b/c quite honestly I don't know if there are any) but hopefully in the end I"ll have a nicely felted jacket.. or SOMEONE else shall.. if it doesn't fit me... and not owe my Mom a new washer in the making! so tomorrow's lunch hour shall be action packed, people!

In the mean time, I started a pair of socks.. toe up, waffle stitch pattern.. not a big deal really.. just been wanting to get something done to with this sock yarn... that I can actually fit on my feet.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sooo...? Let's say it's April 19th...

I have to eat these BEFORE my lunch hour at noon  ??? :oP

Monday, February 16, 2009

PB & D

PB & D
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Dakota has a peanut butter problem.. and just to give you some perspective on how big this dog really is.. He weighs approx 100lbs.. and that jar? is the BIGass jar.. the one you get from the BOTTOM shelf at supermarket! I think he may be the next featured junkie on Intervention! Although he is MONSTROUS.. he's the most gentle freight train to ever mow you down (b/c you know.. a 100lb retreiver canNOT stop on a dime!)in the street whilst wizzing like a sprinkler just to show you how excited he is to see YOU...

And I attempted to sew up the Heroine.. and well.. it's CUFFED.. :) and I threw in corner.. Sinatra's made use of it.. for now.. I'll just recycle it, when he gets up...
Further, I finished the Fan Neckwarmer.. I like it.. VERY simple pattern... 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fleece Earflap Hat

This was THE best instant gratification project to date...Took me one day!.. and the knitting in of the fleece was fun and different.. The fleece from Marvelous Merino's Etsy shop is WONDERFUL!!!!... you have to try it!...incredibly soft!!! 

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande
Fleece: Marvelous Merino's Natural  Top (undyed)
Size made: Youth 

The last two pictures were taken BEFORE I beat the fleece (ahem felted, the fleece w/a brush.) and trimmed it up.

C likes it.. I still have a good amount left of the fleece.. I'm guessing enough to thrumb some mittens, so the remainder WILL get used.! Love this stuff!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

BAMBO update

Just wanted to let everyone know.. No animals were harmed in any anyway in the posting of this message. Bambo and friends still pillage the neighborhoods' bushes.. (Just not at my house).. :) Problem solved = wrapped all bushes in birdnetting..:)