Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy November!

This past weekend, I spent a day shopping with my Mom, Sis and Aunt...My mom just turned 65 yrs old last week.. I love my family and wouldn't trade them for anything... It was fun.. LOTs of laughs.. A lil background.. My parents were divorced when I was 4 years old... I grew up with my Mom and Sister along with somewhat yearly visits from Dad (unfortunately we weren't close as a result of this- tis OK, water under the bridge).. Anyhoo.... My Mom and Sis are famous for just saying things off the tops of their heads, no real thought... Now, they're not ding-bats or dumb asses...They just move and talk REALLY fast... Who would have thought someone could speak faster than I???? Anyhow... Due to this personality trait, it makes for VERY FUNNY TUMMY-HUGGING TEARS STREAMING LAUGHTER...

Mom was in Shmanera bakery (deli) ordering her lunch..

The boy behind the counter took her order.. and asked what she heard as:

Teenage Boy: "Would you like a quickie?"
Mom: "A quickie? What's a quickie?" (she said this VERY LOUD)
Teenage Boy: "Would you like a COOOOKIE?"

Mom: "OH, no thanks!"

Aboard a plane bound for Aruba, Mom and I are sitting there, HER with headphones on watching a movie... It must have been a rather loud part of the movie, therefore, my Mom, at the top of her lungs ' HEY TRAY? CAN YOU SEE MY MUSTACHE? I BLEACHED IT LAST NIGHT, DOES IT LOOK YELLOW?' I crawled under the seat

When coming out of SHmop and SHtop, my mom flew open the driver side door, hopped in and threw her purse across into the passenger seat and hit a little old lady sitting there.!!! The little old lady yelled. My mom yelled!...Needless to say.. my Mom then went to go and find HER car!

My Sister was driving and her hubby following her in a van... They are pulled up side by side at a red light... My brother in law, puts his van in reverse and makes his van slowly roll backwards.. Whereby.. making my sister feel like HER car is rolling forward, and she was pumping that brake like all-get-out and yelling!!!!!!

I know these stories may not be all that funny to you.. I"m writing them down just so I DONT FORGET.. ;0) So.. in the event, they don't make you smile...

here's Laurel in Reynolds Revue..

The color truly is bright Orange as it's C's favorite color at the moment... Used 2 skeins.. Size3 and Size 7 needles... and its HUGE!.. It's fits MY HEAD...
I have to sew some elastic thread in to bring it in, so she can wear it more easily.
here's a quick glimpse of Drifted Pearls.. My version is better seen here.. I've made 2 and will make a few more as I think these will make beautiful Christmas gifts...

Have a good week...