Thursday, April 26, 2007


Well.. My first sweater.. I can honestly say.. I'm NOT a sweater person.. atleast for knitting them. This was time consuming.. I'm an instant gratification kind of person.. C loves it.. but I see the flaws...the picking up of stitches for the collar came out klugy. Only b/c when i did so one side came out loose.. which is SOO not me.. I'm not a loose knitter.. I have no idea what happened.. Also, the collar. HELLO??? It's GINORMOUS!!! I followed the pattern to the letter.. oh well...
and turn

I lived and learned.. Learned that sweaters are a PITA! :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

C's Sweater - Part 2

Completed back

Completed LF and RF...

note the misake I made in the cable.. ugh... might be hard to see in these pics, tho

i didn't cable every RS row on the back.. I did so every 4 - hopefully no one will be looking REAL close to the front AND back when she's wearing it...

Now....Onto the sleeves......

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

C's Sweater - part 1

C isn't exactly a girly-girl... So when I decided that I was going to make a sweater, I thought that maybe I could push a little girliness her way... Here is how the sweater began. They yarn is from Nashua, called Creative Cotton.. It's very easy to knit with... I'm hoping to have this sweater completed by May 1st!...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Seasons of Love

So last night was 'girls night out'.. Myself and 3 friends went to dinner and then on to the theater to see RENT. Dinner was 'OK' and just that... Waiter was a bit too touchy-feely... I realize some folks are 'touchers', but this guy was a little over the top... but the French Martinis were fabulous!!! :)... even tho, said waiter accidentally spilled mine on my sleeve upon delivery..... which after the vodka bath, was then free..
After dinner, ON to the word -- FANTASTIC!!!! The actor who played Roger, was FABULOUS... I mean, knock-me-down FABULOUS... .. If you ever have the chance to see RENT... Grab it.. and Roger. :) if you can!!! ...

five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes ................................

Friday, April 13, 2007

Just a few of my favorite things...

This is the first hat that I've ever made.... This hat I made as a Xmas gift for my daughter C.. with Patons SWS Denim... C's favorite color is BLUE... BLUE.. everything BLUE...

The hat came out very pretty..but the yarn was tricky.. slippery on the needles and it would split a little too much for me.

She also then complained it was TOO itchy.. Oh well.. I'm living and learning !

A couple of months ago, Friend 'K' and I attended a magic loop class.. It was great.. I made my first pair of toe up baby socks.. and they came out too stinking cute... I just have to find a friend who has a baby girl to give them too .. I'm WAYY.. past having more babies.. :)

Once I felt more comfortable with the magic loop technique, I decided I'd try the 'adult' version. I used Claudia's Handpainted in Sherbert..

I love this yarn.. knits like a dream.. and the results were stunning. I also have a hank left over!!! drat the luck of a larger stash.... LOL

I am forever in awe by what one can create with beautiful yarn!

Ta Daaaa

Today, is a brand new day! I've finally decided to give this blog thing a shot...and attempt at documenting my creations. I'm a newbie to knitting.. well. for the past 2 yrs that is.. So, please have some patience as I work thru this!