Friday, October 24, 2008

a bit overwhelmed

Rhinebeck was spectacular!. Truly. I was finally able to put a face to Leslie , see Rachel and Tammy again.. and have lunch w/a new friend Barb who is VERY funny!! While as much fun as I had, it was ALSO very overwhelming, and wicked freaky cold. We got there by 8:30am (didn't officially open til 9am).. Fortunately, they let us in. Kim took many animal pictures where I kept my distance. (over-sensitive sense of smell have I). I don't do well with poop smells, no matter WHAT animal its coming from... I did find some pretty red cashmere, that I think I'll treat myself to Leslie's toast pattern.. for obscenely soft tweedy alpaca..(that I HAD to buy b/c it was 300+yds for $11 which = 'IT"S ON SALE!'... no idea what I'll do with it.. but 'IT WAS ON SALE!' and some super soft sock yarn... where I'm planning on knitting me some socks... just for ME and ONLY ME... I'm feeling selfish when it comes to these last purchases..

So this weekend was a blur.. in fact I don't believe the weekENDED.. but just poured into this week.. The twins' went to a party at a friends house where 15 boys went off the local amusement park for the Haunted Graveyard... and I waited ... and waited... for the call to pick them.. that call came at 12m! Saturday was at the football field for 9:30am... then to softball field for 11:30 am for a double header... got home around 4pm and C was off to a Halloween Party. I then logged into work b/c Microsoft decided to 'CUFF' with my weekend, and announced a critical security vulnerability which means = Tracy has work all freaking night!... Sunday was a complete mental meltdown, b/c one twin could not find his game pants, and the other was missing a hip and butt pad!!!! OH and get them to the football field for 11:30.. that's 45 min away!... After a very intense game, THEY WON!... and on the drive back to our home town to meet up with other team players for some pizza and WINE! I then ask the question.... " So boys, what would you like me to cook for your Birthday dinner?" (they are Halloween boys)...
and I hear

M says... 'you know.. that stuffed chicken thing? can you make that?' = aha... ok...yeah.. that's Chicken Cordon Bleu!!!!
J says... 'um.. .How bout that really tender meat w that stuff wrapped around it..? = OMG!. Bacon wrapped filet mignon!...

you think I can talk them in to meatloaf? I make a mean meatloaf!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I was completely floored after I finished tackling the mailman for the box..! Although I think I did scare the poor man...

So when I opened the box.....

It's absolutely beautiful!.. I can't thank you enough Theresa...

It is truly stunning...

Have a great weekend all! 2days til Rhinebeck! Woohoo!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


6 days til Rhinebeck!.. Yayyyyyyyy Me!!!!!!! (quoting a character from one of my daughter's TV shows) and Kimmy! :).... LESS than a week... I can't wait to at long last, meet Leslie and see Rachel again!

See you soon Ladies!!!!

In the mean time.. I've been working on Those Mitts... with some Ultra Alpaca in a rich chocolatey brown.. I don't know if I want to give these up.. 

Friday, October 10, 2008


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I will be if I don't get started/finished on all the other xmas knits!!!!  and we can just ignore the little mess up on the cuff....(which I shall name the 'ffuc up') darn magic loop! atleast with knitting these at the same time, BOTH were ffuc'd equally... Have a great weekend...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ugh... MEN!

Yesterday, I was told (by a MAN) "You're too young to be knitting..."
I said... "As opposed to watching you yell/cuss/run plays with 18 boys, and smack the other coaches on the ass? ".Hey, I think I'll stick with these balls of yarn here, THANK YOU VERY MUCH."

Sunday, October 5, 2008


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I finished these off.. started back on the Aran Ruffles and finished up the back... will cast on for the front tonight.