Thursday, May 24, 2007


Busy busy busy... dropped the Noni bag off at LYS... I can't wait til the lining is done... I started working on the Dashing mitts.. from Knitty... I completed one so far... Ironically, as soon as my kids saw the one, they all had to try it on..and then proceed to tell me how to alter the pattern :)... each making their own little changes, if you please, for THEIR pair !... Although the twins asked that I don't put that 'girly' stuff on... you know... cables? LOL... so I guess they'll just get the 'manly' rib feature... :) The pattern also makes for a rather LONG mitt.. so I plan on shortening a bit the next 1-2-3 go arounds..

C had to have her pic taken w/the mitts, even tho they're adult sized...:o)

bad angle on this one.. middle cable looks like C has 2 elbows..

Oh well.. Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Warmer.... warmer

Well, the new washer and dryer will arrive on Thursday!!!!... Hubby rigged the washer so that I was able to felt the last two flowers.. (I have my priorities :o)!!!.... I beaded them and pinned to bag. I shopped around for the handles and found none that I liked locally.. So, I ordered them from Kpixie... So, as soon as I receive them, I plan on dropped these off at LYS, to have a liner sewn in. (I am NOT a sewer).. I can string beads and make a random lines.. but that's as far as the talent goes..That. and I really don't enjoy sewing so much...

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Noni - almost there

This past weekend I decided to felt the bag and then 2 flowers... During the felting process, I've realized 2 important things.. I need a new washer!!! and as it turned out later while doing the family laundry...a new dryer...!!!! it took 5 cycles to felt that darn bag...5!...but it did come out nicely..

I decided to felt 2 flowers ahead of schedule, b/c I wasn't sure exactly how I wanted the center bobbles.. the first one, I added in some fizz/fur stuff that I saw at the LYS, which I really liked at the time.. but when i did it.. the results were not the same... I think the finished flower I saw at the LYS was double stranded.

The second flower I just kept plain, felted it.. then hand-sewn some pretty glass seed beads..

I've shown a few folks, and they all have declared that the beaded one is the prettier of the two.. Therefore, I'm moving forward with creating 2 more flowers and I'll bead those and sew to the bag..

The next dilemma is finding handles... the norm found at LYS just appeared too small for the bag... I guess I could create i-cord ones.. but I've never done that before . and I really wanted to be done with this project.. I'm happy with the results.. but I'm an instant gratification person.. :)

So this weekend I'm off to some craft stores, to hunt me down some handles ... Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Nano Nano - Noni!!!!

Nobody under 38 would even recall "Nano Nano" ... I'm sure... :)

So, My friend Kim ( and I were in the LYS, a few months ago, and saw a finished Noni bag w/ the camellia flowers.. Absolutely gorgeous.. We then decided WE both needed to make one too :)

Kim is a MUCH quicker knitter than I.. her's is already complete... She even beaded her center bobbles... which came so pretty... I elected to use a fuzz ( I'm NOT a fan of FunFur - which is rather ironic, as that is what I first learn to knit with some 2+ years ago).. I've come come along way baby.. ;o)

So far, I've completed the bag and one flower... I have to make atleast 2 more flowers. The flowers are actually fun to knit.. The pattern is simple and easy to remember after the first or second petal... I'm a novice and over 40 so I forget stuff :)

Here's a pic of the camellia

Here's a pic of bag w/ the lone camellia... I't actually rather LARGE.. right now..

I still have to felt it and find some handles that I LOVE to attach... My goal is to give this to my Sis as a gift for her b-day....

ALSO, I wanted to mention that I ordered these sew on labels from the UK.. The pic isn't really doing it justice...My camera just won't zoom in that far.. Sorry...I was a little leary of buying something like this over the internet without seeing it first.. BUT, they came out beautiful...