Thursday, May 24, 2007


Busy busy busy... dropped the Noni bag off at LYS... I can't wait til the lining is done... I started working on the Dashing mitts.. from Knitty... I completed one so far... Ironically, as soon as my kids saw the one, they all had to try it on..and then proceed to tell me how to alter the pattern :)... each making their own little changes, if you please, for THEIR pair !... Although the twins asked that I don't put that 'girly' stuff on... you know... cables? LOL... so I guess they'll just get the 'manly' rib feature... :) The pattern also makes for a rather LONG mitt.. so I plan on shortening a bit the next 1-2-3 go arounds..

C had to have her pic taken w/the mitts, even tho they're adult sized...:o)

bad angle on this one.. middle cable looks like C has 2 elbows..

Oh well.. Have a great day!


kim said...

Very pretty, and such neat stitches! I am loving the alpaca. I think it's great that your kids like your work and want you to make something for them. (I'm not so sure my dogs are as appreciative.)

PS> Why does cami look like she's going to rob a bank? ;)

a friend to knit with said...

Dashing looks smashing! :)
Love the color of the yarn....looks like my favorite blue jeans! :)

TLCknits said...

kimmy - rob a bank??? Heck, I was happy her fingernails were clean in the pic!