Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Noni - almost there

This past weekend I decided to felt the bag and then 2 flowers... During the felting process, I've realized 2 important things.. I need a new washer!!! and as it turned out later while doing the family laundry...a new dryer...!!!! it took 5 cycles to felt that darn bag...5!...but it did come out nicely..

I decided to felt 2 flowers ahead of schedule, b/c I wasn't sure exactly how I wanted the center bobbles.. the first one, I added in some fizz/fur stuff that I saw at the LYS, which I really liked at the time.. but when i did it.. the results were not the same... I think the finished flower I saw at the LYS was double stranded.

The second flower I just kept plain, felted it.. then hand-sewn some pretty glass seed beads..

I've shown a few folks, and they all have declared that the beaded one is the prettier of the two.. Therefore, I'm moving forward with creating 2 more flowers and I'll bead those and sew to the bag..

The next dilemma is finding handles... the norm found at LYS just appeared too small for the bag... I guess I could create i-cord ones.. but I've never done that before . and I really wanted to be done with this project.. I'm happy with the results.. but I'm an instant gratification person.. :)

So this weekend I'm off to some craft stores, to hunt me down some handles ... Wish me luck!


kim said...

Very pretty flowers, but I've seen them in person. I think the i-cord would be a mistake. The bag is too elegant. Go for the black handles. It will work out if the bag is reinforced.

PS> Hope you were kidding about the washer/dryer. Yikes! Have a Happy Mother's Day!

a friend to knit with said...

Oh...I love the flowers! Yes, especially the one with the glass beads!

Yes, some black handles will be perfect....good luck finding them and Happy Mothers Day!

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