Thursday, May 29, 2008


I've been eyeing these for months and months... ever since Kim got them and had been raving about them... so much so ... that she presented me with my very own set for my, um... um....wearing matching socks? flossing? having makeup applied to BOTH eyes? shhhhhh... birthday

This is one of those gifts that just floored me!... I'm so jazzed.. I can't wait to use them!..
Thank you again Kimmy!
PS... LYS Judy offered to frog the F/F cardigan... back to the end of 2nd sleeve.. so that I can fix my (insert curse word here) mistake. She's a gem... I would have sat there and cried whilst doing so. I'm not giving up... I just won't get to wear it til say.. oh... AUGUST?

Monday, May 26, 2008


I just tried on the Feather/Fan Cardigan. Thank God I was alone in my bedroom when doing so, I would have made a truckdriver blush! I have NO idea how I completely and utterly messed it up.. but I am REALLY pissed...and there is NO way to get around it without frogging the WHOLE lower bodice, ripping out the bindoff that joins the two upper bodices, and 1/2 of the right bodice.. Unless of course, my left boob completely deflates and maybe it would not be as noticeable... I'm so mad at myself.

Here's some pics of the first sock..

and the pattern repeat

and the eye of partridge heel (I really love the texture it adds to the heel). - too bad I don't wear clogs :(

I'm about to start the 2nd one shortly..

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Going Pro

I'm back... I get to sleep in MY OWN BED tonight!.. YEEEHAWWW!!.. Seriously.. I haven't slept in my own bed in 13 nights.. Yes I counted..! 13 !

Florida was exhausting... I had a great time w/just hubby and I. I really did.. But there were a few pangs of guilt when I saw sweet little kids caught up in the awe of Disney Magic.. and then there was the kids screaming bloody murder, and the guilt was gone!!! :)
But I did feel like the lady in that joke (who when her husband asked her what she wanted for her b-day, she said she wanted to be six again.. so he dragged her to every amusement park? but she really wanted to be a SIZE 6 again..).. Anyhow, That was me!... I've seen EVERY INCH of ALL the Disney parks. It was fun.. Next time, I have to make sure that a month before, I train on the treadmill at the gym and not the elliptical..!!! My calves were screaming! Anyhow, it was much fun...
Hubby got to drive a race car around for 8 laps.. Look at the "THIS IS SOO COOL!" smile
He looks all NASCARy!!It's a guy thing!

For Hubby's b-day this year, the kids and I gave him a 'BASS fishing excursion' on one of the Disney lakes... So, off we went... and I had to be a big girl.. b/c wouldn't you know... the fishing guide was a girl !!! GOSH DANGIT, I couldn't play the 'ewwy yucky fishy thing' part... I had to suck it up!!!... and I did.. and caught ..1-2-3-4-5! FIVE fish!...and um, hubby? well.. he, um, kinda um, only caught one.. and he said it was too small to photograph - and yes, Leslie and Rachel - after letting this big guy go, I did indulge in a Purell hand bath! I'm thinking of going pro.. haha.. NOT!

It was really fun.. but OMG, did I ever get sunburn where I missed w/sunblock, or it just wore off, not really sure.. but my shoulders are still molting...

On the knitting front.. I'm back on the cardigan again.. I didn't want to cart that project to FL w/ me.. I finished one of the saucy socks this past week while away on biz trip, so I'll go back to the cardigan ( I NEED TO FINISH IT)

Anyhow, Kimmy !!!!I'm back, and I'll be surprising you tomorrow... by going to your office.. well. it's not really a surprise now.. since I'm sure you'll see this before I get there.. Have a good week all!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Walking on Sunshine - yeah yeah

I've been slowly moving along on the lower bodice of Feather/Fan Cardigan.. I 'should' be able to just cruise along... but alas, I am unable.. The soy yarn can and DOES split very easily.. so I have to take the extra care with each stitch.. UGH... takin' too dang long...

Friday, my in-laws arrive from Georgia for the week to spend quality time with the grandkids..
Saturday, Hubby and I leave for sunny FL!.. yes.. just the TWO OF US!... for 7 WHOLE DAYS!...ALL BY OURSELVES.. That hasn't happened since BT time (before twins).
We get to go fishing on the Disney Lakes ! - "EW! Live bait! YUCK! Honey you're going to need bait my hook. And if I catch anything? yeah, you need to take it off for me too."
We get to go do the Richard Petty Experience ! (for those of you who don't know Nascar - you get to drive a race car around a racetrack!!!) "Ah, yes.. I want to spend my day watching cars drive in circles. I'm sorry, OVALS..."
We get to go to the Rose/Crown Pub, and drink beer! "Ah.. let's see.. yeah..I may have mentioned this before... I DRINK RED WINE!
I plan on visiting the spa AFTER the Nascar experience... as god only knows what all that exhaust/noise/did I mention NOISE is going to do to me..

For my trip, I'll be working on the saucy socks using beautiful yarn that Kim gave me last year for my B-day!. I tried the monkeys and I just got annoyed and ripped it out.. but the saucy's are coming out beautiful. I'd LOVE to take pictures to show you.. but the twins borrowed the camera, and I can't find it now.. and when I walked into their room this AM, I gagged and ran out.. Smelled like an old gym lockeroom... I need to go back in there to find where that smell is coming from... armed with goggles, clothespin and tongs.