Thursday, May 8, 2008

Walking on Sunshine - yeah yeah

I've been slowly moving along on the lower bodice of Feather/Fan Cardigan.. I 'should' be able to just cruise along... but alas, I am unable.. The soy yarn can and DOES split very easily.. so I have to take the extra care with each stitch.. UGH... takin' too dang long...

Friday, my in-laws arrive from Georgia for the week to spend quality time with the grandkids..
Saturday, Hubby and I leave for sunny FL!.. yes.. just the TWO OF US!... for 7 WHOLE DAYS!...ALL BY OURSELVES.. That hasn't happened since BT time (before twins).
We get to go fishing on the Disney Lakes ! - "EW! Live bait! YUCK! Honey you're going to need bait my hook. And if I catch anything? yeah, you need to take it off for me too."
We get to go do the Richard Petty Experience ! (for those of you who don't know Nascar - you get to drive a race car around a racetrack!!!) "Ah, yes.. I want to spend my day watching cars drive in circles. I'm sorry, OVALS..."
We get to go to the Rose/Crown Pub, and drink beer! "Ah.. let's see.. yeah..I may have mentioned this before... I DRINK RED WINE!
I plan on visiting the spa AFTER the Nascar experience... as god only knows what all that exhaust/noise/did I mention NOISE is going to do to me..

For my trip, I'll be working on the saucy socks using beautiful yarn that Kim gave me last year for my B-day!. I tried the monkeys and I just got annoyed and ripped it out.. but the saucy's are coming out beautiful. I'd LOVE to take pictures to show you.. but the twins borrowed the camera, and I can't find it now.. and when I walked into their room this AM, I gagged and ran out.. Smelled like an old gym lockeroom... I need to go back in there to find where that smell is coming from... armed with goggles, clothespin and tongs.


kim said...

Yeah, I suppose there comes a point in time where letting two almost-teen boys share a room becomes an unwise decision!

Time away without kids?! For a whole week?! Man, you hit the jackpot. I hope you have the best time ever - even if it involves Nascar and beer...

WA said...

Have fun in Florida! I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun tales of the NASCAR event.

MadMad said...

Hahaha! Nothing like boys for stinky feet, is there? What is up with that?

Have a wonderful 7 days off - even if it's at NASCAR, you're... "off" (-ish), right? I don't suppose you can knit... Or something.

a friend to knit with said...

oh! lucky you!!
have a fabulous time!

MRS MJW said...

Wow. I'm jealous. I would sooo love time with my hubby. Have fun!!!