Thursday, June 7, 2007

Summertime Blues

Sadly, I have not been able to pick up my knitting in over 2 weeks... Work has been crazy busy, that I've been spending every waking moment logged on and building unix systems.. or at the local parks watching either a softball or soccer game. I finally finished with 'my side of things' on the job front and the sports are starting to wind down...(well, we have the championships this Friday- keep your fingers crossed!!!) Go ROCKETS!!! ... so I can now take a deep breath and relax somewhat and squeeze in some knitting while there as well...

In a few weeks, I'll be climbing aboard a bus w/ 2 other friends.. for about 12 hours (each way) to Dresden, OH... The Longaberger Capital :)... I already have my projects packed for each way... How crazy is it to be looking forward to it.. ??? 12 hours... but I get 12 hours of knitting time!... alone...! turning the cellphone off...! I'm planning on knitting the monkey sock in Cherries! - that I received from friend Kim.. as a birthday gift.. I love this yarn.... The colors are gorgeous.!


kim said...

Twelve hours on a bus sounds blissful. How crazy are knitters anyway?! The downtime is the only thing about a planned November Radio City bus trip that I'm looking foward to! (Maybe I can sneak off to Purls....)

a friend to knit with said...

I too look forward to long stretches in moving vehicles just so I can knit!!!!

How sweet is Kim......that yarn is beautiful! Look forward to seeing it worked.