Tuesday, June 26, 2007

All packed!

So.. I packed up everything I needed for my trip ... :) thx to friend Kimmy who gave me this lil project bag.. I Love IT!!!!.... and I left last Thursday.... boarded the bus.. and started knitting my monkeys... and then had to stop about 3 hours ... I just couldn't knit.. was like trying to do so on a rollercoaster.. I was upset.. and frustrated.. plus... dark.. of all things... the lighting was terrible.. I've got pretty good peepers.. but alas, I was unable to really see what I was doing.. oh well... So.. I made it this far,

gave up knitting on the bus.. and read The 6th Target from James Patterson.. .Number 6 in Women's Murder Club series.... It was OK... but just that.. I was somewhat disappointed b/c I usually love all his books.. I was even somewhat entertained with the Bird kids one... in The Lake House...... Oh well.. have a good week all!


kim said...

Oh, stoppit! You did not love Lake House. That book totally annoyed me.

I think the Monkey looks great so far. Don't give up just because of a dimly-lit bus. You will learn to love the pattern like the rest of us lemmings. ;)

a friend to knit with said...

Monkeys lookd great.........and in a beautiful little bag!

Reading on a bus? Now that would make me sick! :)

Nora said...

Thank you for your supportive comment on my blog. Love that bag - Kim is an angel, isn't she?
What yarn are you using for the Monkeys?

TLCknits said...

Nora - Monkey are using Knittery's Cherries.. I love the colorway..