Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March Madness

I have my own version...! The last few weeks (I think it's been weeks? hmm maybe longer - sure feels longer) have been freaky.. My entire family has been sick... in some form or another... C had strep, J had flu, and currently, both hubby and M are home, with the flu, now. (M's eyeballs hurt! OK? that's a new one)... All I want to do is stay at work.. and away from all that is germy... I've resorted to walking around the house in my robe, donning a can of Lysol in one pocket, and the other contains well, Lysol disenfecting wipes...combatting all that is potentially covered/filled/coated w/ germiness... I even swiped down my needles, in case someone may have walked by and the germs fell off and onto them.. let alone, good lord, what if they touched them??!! So.. I've been busy knitting up a pair of Merry Jane booties.. awaiting the arrival of Classic Elites new spring book and Soft Linen to arrive at LYS so I can get started on the Fan and Feather Cardigan... the waiting is KILLING me.. I'm not a patient person...I expect split second decisions and actions! With that.. I'm going for a walk.. around my building a couple of times..

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kim said...

Wait, you mean everyone doesn't keep Lysol in their bathrobe? What is WRONG with them?

I think mom needs a vacation away from everyone else. Hope they're all feeling better soon...