Wednesday, August 29, 2007

stop and smell the flowers

I'm on #6 out of 16 flowers that are to be stitched.. that sounds great, doesn't it!!!?? however, I'm running out of yarn!!! Drat, the luck...Tomorrow, I'll have to head out to LYS with Kim to get another skein...which is always a fun time!!! She can then shop for handles, for her beautiful doctor bag. It is coming out beautiful!.. Can't wait to see it assembled.

Got a question for anyone who's looking... Is it at all possible to 'felt' in a top loading HE washing machine...? It's not front I can open the top and check status... I can probably put something in there too to help with agitation like oh... 'a shoe or two, three, four' ? Any suggestions? I 've seen where you can felt manually,.. w/ a tub of really hot water and a plunger ( never used - :)... but I'd like to avoid that if possible.


kim said...

Yes, except it's not so "L," and they are not the nice people. I swear if they give us the "vibe," I'm going to be hauty and rude right back! Too bad they have SUCH.GREAT.STUFF!

MadMad said...

Oh, dear God, that manual method sounds like.... I don't know, something you'd do to torture small children... Wait - that could be a good idea...! Anyway, yes, you can felt in a top loading machine (it's much easier because you can check all the time). My only suggestion is, if you can, put it in one of those lingerie bags so all the little pieces of yarn don't get free and coat your machine and cause you to have to call the appliance repair people because you've broken your pump because you thought that maybe you'd like to make handbags for a living. And so you made like 50, before you realized that wasn't really the career for you, and.... Oh. I'm sorry. Was all that out loud?

kim said...

Madmad always cracks me - no matter what!