Friday, January 4, 2008

A new year

I made another pair before this.. for a xmas gift.. and wrapped it up and sent it off before taking a picture... Apparently, I was feeling a little rushed.. Anyhow, I modified pattern slightly... no picot edge (curled WAY too much).. and made the body a few (like 3) rows deeper... thus the need for a 2nd skein.. which I then trudged back to LYS to get.. and bought 2 more.. b/c well, I can't have TOO much left over ;)
Another Tudora knocked off.

Close up of button, brought to you by Kim :)


kim said...

Those fetchings look awesome. I'm sure the original recipient will never know the difference. The button is fantabulous!

MadMad said...

I had the same issues with the Fetchings, and ended up giving the pair I'd made to my daughter. I think the designer must have just been trying to fit into a "one skein" category or something, because they definitely should have been longer. Her Dashings worked great, and were kinda fun to knit, too.

方大同Tom said...

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