Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Spa Day

So yesterday, after work, I had an appt.. you know.. a little maintenance appt at the spa in town...
I took C with me, well... b/c I can't leave her alone w/the twins. They might eat her...They are 12 and folks, can anyone recommend one of those meat/freezer plans...?
Anyhow, back to the story... so, last month she decided that she was annoyed (her words) of certain kids telling her she had an 'unibrow'.. Folks, she does NOT... she has a couple of stray hairs...and they're so light blonde.. Heck, I had to practically get a spot light (soon to be used on my next trip to Shmollister- by the way) on her to see them.. Anyhow, there we were in the parking lot of the establishment.. and I mentioned how she would go first and then she asked "Can I stay in the room, after I'm done?"..I said 'No.'.. C asks "how come?"...and I said " Well, b/c I'm having more than just my eyebrows done".. and she asks again.. 'like what?" and I say " umm... it's called a bikini wax".. and she is very inquisitive.." what's that?"... and i explain very HIGH level here, folks..... Then her eyes got as wide as Big-Y coins and says...'You let her look down there!???"... I laughed and choked so hard.. heck.. I'm still laughing...Have a good week all!


kim said...

Ah, to be that young an innocent again... And how mean are those nasty kids telling her she has a unibrow? I'm surprised they would mess with her because she could probably take them!

MadMad said...

OMG! Those kids stink! Isn't your daughter my daughter's age? I was wondering when I could bring mine in - she has these odd, rectangular-shaped, huge things that I think people will be making fun of pretty soon (given that I already am...) - but I scared her off explaining what a waxing was. (Thank God I didn't have to tell her what a bikini waxing was, though!!! LOL!)

a friend to knit with said...

oh i love it!
i am so glad you wrote you TWO can always remember!
and those mean kids. ahh!