Thursday, September 27, 2007

Folk Style

So, I started the Modern Quilt Wrap a few weeks or so ago.. and it's SLOW going... I didn't think it was going to move THIS slow... at this pace, I'll probably finish this oh.. say february...

So this AM, I went and checked on J&M, to make sure they were awake and getting dressed for middle school... i peeked in on C, and got a little nervous, bed's empty

til I looked here...


Mom: "C, were you outside with only your socks on?"
C: "No, Mommy."
Mom: "hmmm, you sure?"
C: "Yes, Mommy, you tell me to always wear my sneakers when I go outside"..
Mom: "ah-huh, so how is it that your socks are so dirty?"
C: "Um... maybe my sneakers are dirty or maybe from walking in the garage? "
Mom: "or maybe from walking out back to the basketball court and playing ball in your socks?"
C: (smiles)


kim said...

First, the scarf is coming out great. I say "Justa Keepa Go!"

C is hilarious. Of course, I've killed children for less, but it's funny when they are someone else's problem. Was she asleep under her bed?

TLCknits said...

Yes.. sound asleep!.. and approx. 30 min later, I then found her in bed. I woke her up for school, and she has NO recollection of sleeping under the bed, OR getting out from under the bed and crawling back in to her bed...!

a friend to knit with said...

Such a cute story!
So funny, sleeping under her bed....glad you got the photo to prove it!
love the modern quilt wrap!