Saturday, September 15, 2007

3D - put on the glasses

OK... I finished the scarf... it's felted(somewhat!)... it's felted as much as I could.. I ended up felting by hand...(e.g. a sink full of VERY hot water, potato masher and a whisk- THAT was a SIGHT!!!!).... Here are the before and after pictures..

Before felting


After felting.. and now drying across my bedroom floor so no one touches it!

Close up of flower...

True test will be when I pop the beads out. :) Have a good weekend all!


kim said...

OMG! It's gorgeous! I love it -- truly. Um, we've been working in IT for too long -- it's "sight," not "site" --tee hee...

If you want to felt it more, you're welcome to use my top-load, old-school washer, but I think it looks great as is.

MadMad said...

WOW - it's awesome!!!! Don't you just love it when something comes out perfect like that? You are going to have throngs of people begging you for one! Very, very fab!