Sunday, April 6, 2008

sunday serene

As I contemplated getting out of bed making mental notes on what I had to get done today (finish Hubby, C's and mine laundry, then start twins laundry - b/c I 'm mean and make the twins fold their own and put it away, grocery shop AND...knitting!) .. I noticed something very ODD in my home.. It was quiet!.. I mean really REALLY quiet.. That NEVER happens. N-E-V-A-H!!!! There is always a TV going, the iMac and the Xbox on the inside and a constant drumming of basketballs outside...Today I lifted my head to see clock... 8:21.. ! OMG! I quietly sneaked around the house and found EVERYONE... EVERYONE asleep!.. YEEHAW!!!! then I looked at downstairs clock  7:35!! DOUBLE YEEEHAW! My clock upstairs is from 1998 and has the old programming from DST, so it rolls forward/back on the wrong date now.. I just haven't gotten around to getting a new clock when my old only get's 'wonky' 2 Sundays a year...
Some of you may not understand.. but I'm NEVER alone.. I take that back.. I"m alone when I drive to/from work everyday.. but then most times, I'm on the phone w/some FROM work.. b/c something's broke...oh well.. NO more complaining.. GOOD news=I have another 1 hour of silence...:)

Onto knitting accomplishments.. Well.. the CE Fan/Feather Cardigan has been somewhat of a challenge for me..That's being civil.. b/c my real impression I'm leaving every cuss word I can think of out of this post.  I mean BIG TIME.. I need a 3rd hand to count the number of times, that I've had to rip back b/c of errors.. this pattern is a PITA.. I mean a real PITA.. I've actually doubted myself with this.. and I've OVER-THOUGHT with it.. and when it states work 29 st as established.. I thought that meant work the next 29 sts.. what it REALLY means is work as est until you have 29 sts on the right needle.!!! Which for this pattern is TOTALLY different! right? or am i just a complete KNIT-ARD? Anyhoo, I did get past that.. and am on the home stretch of the 1st sleeve. I should finish it this morning.. and then plan on sewing a few things for Kimmy. Have a good week all!


kim said...

Oh, good for you! I always try to get up an hour before everyone else to plan my day and have my coffee in solitude! (Everyone but Joey, that is!). That pattern stinks; I completely agree! Oh, no rush on the scarf, unless, of course, you WANT to... ;)

MadMad said...

I had a bad feeling about that pattern.... but in typical denial fashion, I bought the yarn anyway. Darn.

a friend to knit with said...

oh i LOVE quiet times in the house.
good for you on enjoying yours!!
oh shoot about the sweater. i don't know anything about that pattern.