Monday, April 14, 2008

Hairy Hares

C: HEY Mommmmmmmmmmmmm?

C: Can I get a bunny? Huh? Huh? please? can i? pretty-please?

Mom: Hmm.. Well....? NO!

C: Why? you let me have Skittles (a hamster)!

Mom: I know.. and then Harry and then Gary.. all 3 ended up in HamsterHeaven..It's not a good's just a MONTROUS Hamster in my eyes.

C: Aww man...snot fair

Mom: Sorry hon.. no matter how fluffy you think it is. It's still a rodent.. and Mommy has rodent issues.

(All this while thinking - where the hell did that hat come from? it's not ours! OMG! OMG!.. LICE! TICKs! Now I have scour her head to make sure there no bugs on her now)

Knitting news.. I'm still on the 2nd sleeve the CE Fan/Feather Cardigan.. I took a break this weekend and finished sewing Kimmy's #2 Flower Scarf... Back to the sleeve!.. Have a good week all.


kim said...

Aw, man! If you hadn't been so nice to finish my scarf, I'd tell you that you're the meanest mom ever! But I won't... Jim's daughter wants a ferret. I said, "NFW!" in no uncertain terms!


MadMad said...

Hm... Was it the type that would make any yarn...? Cuz then... maybe?

MRS MJW said... reminds me of our bunny...who...the neighbor's dog let out and subsequently ate. so sad. cute bunny though. thanks for commenting on my blog.

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