Monday, October 5, 2009

Um... pardon?

Since the beginning of September, September 7th to be exact (Labor DAY) til Oct 2nd, I have been to a doctor, ER, or specialist, 11 (ELEVEN).. times! On Oct 2nd, I've pretty much had it with medical professionals.. Nora - Please don't take offense.. I'm just plain worn out...and this is my way of venting.. ALL my kids are back at school, some still on meds.. but almost 100% healthy.. Me? I'm home sick.. I think 'stress' sickness. more than body's release that its OK, for me to now fight.

Last Friday, I boarded yet another elevator to the pediactricians office w/one of my almost 14 yr old sons wearing this.

Complete Elevator Stranger: "So what is that?"
Me: "Um, pardon?'
Stranger: "What are you wearing? What's that called?" Did someone make that FOR you? or did YOU make it?"
Me: "Um, I guess you could call it a wrap or poncho and yes. I made it, Thank you"
Stranger: "Hmph... it's nice." and the lady walks off the elevator...
Me: "Thanks??"

Son: "OH MY GOD!!! - YOUR knitting is SO embarrassing!"

So... this left me thinking.."Hey Rach - Does my wrap SUCK EGGS??"

Here's RoseRed!.. I LOVE LOVE LOVED this pattern.. and I think these WILL be the xmas gifts of choice this year!!!!

I used Sublime Angora Merino - 2 skeins for the Largest hat.
I think I have atleast 1/2 a skein left... It's a quick knit. the yarn it pretty w/a lovely halo. I've used it before.. and may have complained about the eating/inhaling/blinking it out.. but I didn't have that problem this time around... Back to the wrap from hell.. until I buy more yarn... to make


Renee said...

lol, too funny. Non-knitters, they just don't get it.

Great hat!!!

lucky knitter said...

She was jealous! :)

Seriously though, what is wrong with some people?

I LOVE Rose Red! Nice job!

kim said...

Wait, you made your SON wear that?! LOLOLOL I'm here all week! So, you're not going to gift that virus to me tomorrow, are you? Because you know I'm a germophobe.

And, OMG, that hat is GORGEOUS!

t does wool said...

too funny...he wore it??
love the hat...
and hope you get feeling better fast!

MadMad said...

OMFG. That is too much! (Though I dooooo love your son's comment... and that great hat. And knowing I'm not the only person inhaling.blinking, etc. bits of fluff out of her eyes and throat!)

LOVE the hat!