Friday, April 10, 2009

2 days left

So.. This whole Lent thing... 

When hubby and I were married, he asked that our future children be brought up Catholic. I didn't have a problem with it.. I had MANY a friend who were and they turned out OK (mostly).. ;).. and afterall I was marrying a Catholic... So, this year, I tried to set a positive example and sacrificed (gave up) something for lent... What that was? BUYING YARN!.. I decided for the next 40+ days.. that I shall ONLY knit from what was in the stash.. ONLY!!! 
Here's one stash buster

Size small
Alpaca with a Twist Socrates - less than one SKEIN!!!
Sz6 needles

2 MORE DAYS.. well really.. 4.. since... I can't pick up what I have on 'hold' til Tuesday.. AHAHAHHHHAH

Bang head  HERE

and HERE

and HERE



Happy Easter ALL!


Monica McGrath said...

Lent ends on Palm Sunday. Go get your yarn, silly!

TLCknits said...

NO WAY.. REALLY? I was always taught Lent ends on Holy Saturday!

kim said...

OMG!!!! And you never said a word. I just thought you were being economical. Wow! Well, better than the mood you were in last year when you gave up caffeine. I have to give you credit, I'm an actual Catholic, and I gave up nothing. Ishbel is lovely!!!

lucky knitter said...

Ishbel is beautiful! Nice job giving up buying yarn - maybe next year I'll try that!

t does wool said...

too funny Tracy...I haven't given up anything for years...and I am an ol' cat'lic

tiennie said...

That is beautiful! Good for your for holding out! :)

MadMad said...

Wow- good for you! Forty days! That would be really hard!

NutmegOwl said...

You never told me, while I was off torturing you with stops at LYS! You make a better Catholic than the rest of us.

Alisha said...

Oh what a beauty....inspired by stash busting....perfect!