Tuesday, December 4, 2007

a lil more.

have I mentioned how impatient I always am.. I want everything now, of course. apparently, my daughter is the same.. as she has just announced there is nothing to drink in this house...Yes, we are severely lacking in that dept.. for OJ, apple juice, milk and water are not acceptable this morning.. as well as my saying a sound 'NO!' to the Diet Pepsi request...and Apparently someone drank all the EggNog!.. Good Lord.. EggNog? at breakfast!? Maybe I should just give her coffee and get it over with? NOT!... yeah.. that's what she needs... more energy! Let's just say a couple of years ago, I was considering using some type of harness device to keep her IN THE CHAIR at meals!... She's not hyper or crazy destructive.. Just has a bundle of physical energy.

She has 2 speeds... 90 (thank the lord 7.5 hours of this is on/at bus/school) and 0 (sleeping)... Fortunately, she loves sports, and a mom who enrolls her in one EVERY SEASON.
Have a good week all!